About Us


I'm Zara, the owner, creator and general dogs body to Ryder L.

I am also mum to my two children, Riley Lola (6), Hudson Ryder (3) and the better half to my hubby David.

We are a stylish children's accessories and clothing company based, designed and made in the UK.

I stared the company with the main aim to made cool accessories for children (the majority of the high street stores have characters all over their hats... Mickey Mouse, Thomas the Tank... That is most definitely not my sort of thing). A lot of the items I had seen and wanted were either only for teenagers are not in the UK. I also wanted our brand to be available to everyone, no matter what their budget... I spend a fortune on my kiddies and their clothes but I do draw the line at £40 for a hat....

90% of our items are handmade by myself, I work a crazy amount of hours!! I do get help on occasions from my hubby, he's regularly drafted in as chief packer. Family members also get roped into helping sew, package and do some website maintenance... I tend to pay them with food! 


When we first started out with just 6 different products I could never have imagined that this would actually become my full time job, everyday I am incredibly grateful... 

I hope you love our items as much as we do.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website


Zara xxx